Big Data Analytics

Ingest data from all your company's sources to drive actionable insights that create hyper-personalised brand experiences, all in real time.

"Your first party data is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. We can unlock its true value"

Kara Richards

/ Head of Strategy & Innovation

What is big data analytics? It sounds impressive, huh?

Claxon’s leading first-party data-analytics offering allows you to ingest data from the entirety of your businesses sources. Your CRM, website, database, apps, POS and all brand interactions provide powerful data sources which are then filtered through proprietary ‘data plumbing’ to drive real, actionable insights that can be used to drive hyper-personalised advertising, all in real time.

Your business’s first party data is arguably the most valuable resource you will hold. The more insights and information you have on your customers, the more you can improve and enhance your customer experience and create hyper-customised journeys to ultimately drive maximum revenue and customer trust. 

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only makes data collection easier, but also enhances the customer experience through machine learning and personalisation. This is all collected and created via universal tags that make sure all websites and platforms can play nicely together. 

We all know that Facebook and Google will always be at war and won’t want to share insights across their platforms but Claxon’s premium data analytics partner can orchestrate and unify your data cross-channel, to make sure you can really know your audiences, identify untapped opportunities, and deliver incredible customer experiences, all in real time.

It’s important to play in this space otherwise you risk being left behind as competitors create seamless and customised user journey experiences for their loyal audiences. This is the stuff that data nerds’ dreams are made of and as one of the leading digital growth agencies globally it’s an area that we don’t shy away from, but rather geek out on!

By crafting the right first party data strategy to collect, enrich and activate each individual person’s web journey and preferences in each and every channel, your brand starts feeling like a familiar friend that remembers all their stories and preferences. 

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