Paid Social Media Advertising

A fluid omni-channel approach that hunts peak digital performance across platforms.

"Our ability to deliver world-class performance across paid social platforms has helped propel us to an industry leader in the blink of an eye "

Michael Ginsburg

/ Senior Digital Strategist

Paid Social Media Advertising is the growth marketing side of social media.

Claxon’s paid social strategy focuses on sales not shares, conversions not comments and lifetime customer value not likes; If it grows revenue then it’s in our wheelhouse. 

There are the main players such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, in addition to the smaller newer players such as Spotify, TikTok and Pinterest, and given the right audience, any mix of these platforms could be the perfect match for finding your next customer. Our approach is a fluid omni-channel blend based on where your customers attention is spent, which allows us to hunt the best performance in real time.

From running kick-ass dynamic campaigns that use the AI power of Facebook to drive revenue to running high revenue-breaking eCommerce shopping campaigns on Instagram and Snapchat, Claxon’s Digital Strategists are paid social legends and have the expertise and deep experience to drive performance like the digital wizards they are.

So how are we different from every other digital agency? Well we’re a Digital GROWTH Agency, which means we don’t build ads, we build businesses. Everything we do is with one purpose, to grow and scale your revenue through digital channels, because scaling truly is in our DNA.

We unlock the power of paid social media advertising underpinned by our award winning digital growth strategy to drive innovative optimisations, cutting-edge technologies and the programmatic powers of each unique social channel’s algorithm to make sure you’re being heard and your campaigns cut through the noise. 

Let us help you take advantage of each person’s average 2 hours and 22 minutes per day spent on social networking and messaging platforms.

Our Capabilities

Big Data Analytics

Ingest data from all your company’s sources to drive actionable insights that create hyper-personalised brand experiences, all in real time. Claxon Service Pillars: “Your first party data is one of the most valuable assets your company owns. We can unlock its true value” Kara Richards / Head of Strategy &

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Programmatic Display Advertising

Getting the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time. Claxon Service Pillars: “Breaking records for industry leading brands again and again is so truly rewarding” Kate Reynolds/ Digital Strategist Imagine a time when there was no internet and all advertising was done via newspapers, radio

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Search Engine Marketing

Cut through the competition and cement your brand position across paid search, display, shopping and YouTube. Claxon Service Pillars: “Our ability to drive intent based action within the Google and Bing suites is second to none” Dan Greer / Google Strategist Think about the first steps you take when you

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