Programmatic Display Advertising

Getting the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time.

"Breaking records for industry leading brands again and again is so truly rewarding"

Kate Reynolds
/ Digital Strategist

Imagine a time when there was no internet and all advertising was done via newspapers, radio and TV. Crazy right? 

Then the world wide web was born and all of a sudden there were millions, and now billions of websites with a whole lot of advertising space up for grabs but no one to really talk to. Or even worse, needing to decipher and review every single site to judge its suitability and relevance to the audience that you want to grab the attention of. 

This is where Claxon’s programmatic advertising comes into play! Our specialist programmatic advertising team is able to create killer motion graphic display ads, statics and videos that can access the most premium publisher sites, with high impact placements to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Our premium publisher network covers all news and media sites, niche content providers, catch-up TV and streaming services like Spotify to get more bang for your buck! The best part of programmatic advertising through Claxon? It’s all trackable and measurable. Long gone are the days of TV advertising and print campaigns that can’t tell you how many people actually saw your ad. 

Engaging with Claxon as your programmatic partner, you get a 100% brand safety assurance and in-depth data analytics that provide rich data-centric insights on the exact audiences and actions that your customers are taking. This will drive an increase in leads, enquiries, sales, revenue, sign-ups or whatever objective you’re looking for! The power and size of the web is in your hands… sounds pretty epic doesn’t it?

Our Capabilities

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