Search Engine Marketing

Cut through the competition and cement your brand position across paid search, display, shopping and YouTube.

"Our ability to drive intent based action within the Google and Bing suites is second to none"

Dan Greer

/ Google Strategist

Think about the first steps you take when you want to find out more information on a product or service… Do you just “Google it”?  

If your brand isn’t showing up at the top of a Google search you’re missing out on sales and surrendering market share to your competitors. The Google Suite is a powerful platform for fuelling online traffic and growth for your business and one of the most cost-effective advertising methods for companies of all sizes. It includes Search, Display, Shopping, Gmail promotions and YouTube. Here at Claxon we also don’t forget about Bing, which has around 3.5% market share in Australia, but a whopping 33% in the States!

Running branded paid search campaigns that target specific keywords related to your brand or services is a vital component of success on this platform. Doing so means that consumers will see these ads more often, which will help increase leads and competitor impression share for those that bid on your brand.

It is important to focus on your Return On Ad Spend for Google Ads campaigns to make them profitable. With carefully considered strategic analysis and optimisation, this can always be achieved. 

Unlike SEO, Google Ads and other pay-per-click campaigns can be up and running quickly, providing highly targeted, measurable and rapid results that start generating leads right away. Don’t wait for organic listings on SEO, which are not guaranteed and can take years to see real results!

The visitors that don’t convert on your site can be retargeted throughout the Google network including YouTube and the Google Display Network. This is particularly impactful on mobiles, where an ad seems to remind a person about an offer or product they were browsing.

This is known as Google remarketing (or retargeting) and the more touchpoints a prospective customer has with your brand, the more likely they are to convert either online or in-store!

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