Accor Plus


— Digital Growth Strategy
— Lead Generation
— Direct Sales Conversion
— Paid Social Media
— Conversion Rate Optimisation
— Mobile Experience Audit
— User Flow Tracking
— Content Strategy

Accor Plus Case Study
The Client

Accor Plus is the Asia Pacific loyalty subscription programme of Accor, the world-leading augmented hospitality group.

Today, Accor Plus is Asia Pacific’s most expansive travel, dining and lifestyle program, enabling you to do more, in more incredible ways imaginable. For business or pleasure, as a member of Accor Plus you can enjoy more destinations with up to 50% off the best room rates at over 800 hotels, resorts and holiday apartments across 18 countries. From city to sea and economy to luxury, you can also dine more with discounts on drinks and food, and  enjoy an ever growing number of exclusive member events and partner offers.

The Problem

Claxon was engaged for its reputation in building world-class lead generation and online sales funnels. Accor Plus presented a unique challenge: they were looking to increase lead flow through to their sales team while also increasing their direct acquisition sales through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Key Metrics
  • 73%Reduction in CPA
  • 771%Increase in online conversions
  • 360%Budget scaling

The Method

Claxon developed a sophisticated online signup and lead generation funnel to effectively drive prospects through the buying journey.

This was achieved by executing a multi-touchpoint strategy, namely:

  • Delivering lead ads to cold audiences using Facebook’s native lead forms
  • Retargeting people who abandoned lead forms with direct acquisition ads
  • Nurturing leads with a strategic value sequence delivered in Facebook Messenger
  • Generating new page likes to allow Accor Plus to better communicate with their current customer base

As an integral part of the strategy, Claxon implemented a strategic value sequence delivered in Facebook Messenger to leads and prospects as they are engaged by the Accor Plus sales team. This created a highly tailored user journey and allowed potential customers a unique branded experience in discovering the many benefits of the membership product.


The Outcome

By using a considered and deliberate scaling approach, we were able to increase revenue and sales by an incredible 771%, as well as reducing CPA by 73% and scaling budget by 360%.

This included scaling the lead generation campaigns by an impressive 9x in the course of two months and more than doubling the direct acquisition campaign spend.

Additionally, Claxon grew Accor Plus’s Messenger database by a phenomenal 3560%.

These results have given Accor Plus an exciting platform for continued growth, with recent scaling efforts to the tune of 50% taking place month-on-month.