Cosmetic Avenue


— Digital Growth Strategy
— Paid Social Media
— Paid Search
— Lead Generation
— Dynamic Customer Journeys

The Client

Cosmetic Avenue is a Melbourne clinic that provides a large range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. A new brand, they entered the industry by competing on price, providing affordable and all-inclusive beauty-enhancing products for a younger demographic. 

They have continued to build a popular and trusted brand, levering their status on social media and relationships with key influencers, to remain relevant in the industry to a diverse range of prospects.

Their philosophy, ‘Confidence is the ultimate freedom’ is what drives their branding and advertising, riding the empowerment wave of millennials, allowing all clients to gain the confidence they deserve by providing premium cosmetic procedures and an incredible client experience. 

The Problem

To provide a consistent and high-quality source of leads for the clinic within a local radius around their Melbourne clinic. Prior to engaging with Claxon, their digital marketing efforts had not driven any significant clientele, nor provided any outstanding business growth opportunities. Their customer acquisition strategy was disjointed, and their advertising material did not represent their key brand message to their target demographic. Creative utilised basic stock imagery and incongruent messaging that did not represent the progressive brand that is Cosmetic Avenue. 

Key Metrics
  • +500%Increased Lead Volume
  • +100%Ad Spend Scaled


Cosmetic Avenue engaged Claxon to drive lead generation using paid social channels. To achieve this, Claxon designed and implemented a sophisticated Lead Generation growth strategy to drive exceptional cross-channel performance for the brand.  This allowed the two founders, Run & Rob, to focus on growing their clinic, sourcing new procedure equipment and growing their service offering as a whole. Following a discovery session and expertly designed strategy, Claxon was able to identify highly profitable customer segments and a plethora of opportunities to develop a winning Facebook ads strategy.