— Conversion Rate Optimisation
— User Flow Tracking
— Content Strategy
— Social Media Marketing & Strategy

The Client

Nimble is a leading Australian finance provider using a sophisticated and automated loan approval process to offer convenient cash loans up to $5000 to customers requiring a fast solution to escape financial hardship.

The Problem

Nimble were seeking a sophisticated solution to drive increased online loan applications through their website while reducing their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In addition they were also looking for a way to reactivate their significant previous customers database.

Key Metrics
  • 84%Reduction in CPA

The Method

The utilisation of inline conversions through the Facebook pixel allowed for the creation of a hyper-tailored user journey, where users were retargeted based on their preferred ‘Purpose of Loan’. This meant when prospects selected a purpose of loan in their online application (POL), a custom inline conversion would fire. If the prospect did not complete the loan application then they would receive intelligent remarketing content based on the purpose of loan they selected in the application stage. This allowed Claxon to speak directly to the customer with content that supported why they were seeking a loan.