— Digital Growth Strategy
— e-Commerce Conversion
— Paid Social Media
— Paid Search
— Conversion Rate Optimisation
— User Flow Tracking
— Content Strategy

The Client

Scarletto’s is a boutique Australian shoe brand, specialising in glamorous women’s shoes. Scarletto’s has a unique product range that delivers on style, comfort and quality manufacturing to create the perfect shoe. Each month, Scarletto’s release new collection of four new styles, with only 100 pairs in each style. Brand loyalty is high, with customers of the brand becoming Scarletto’s Sisters who repurchase regularly.

The Problem

Prior to partnering with Claxon, digital marketing efforts by Scarletto’s were down at the heel. They had not achieved a satisfactory ROI or growth of the brand in the market. Scarletto’s campaigns were failing to take advantage of key opportunities to generate the desired revenue.

Scarletto’s were missing key channels that were not discoverable by their key market such as Google Shopping and remarketing efforts, which was leading to a loss of potential revenue and doubling up on spend from broad brand terms. 

Scarletto’s engaged Claxon to grow revenue through social channels and Google Ads. The challenge for Scarletto’s was to maximise reactivation of existing customers and to indoctrinate new customers into the Scarletto’s Sisterhood. In order to experience continued revenue growth and achieve business stability and continuity, Claxon developed an advanced eCommerce funnel structure to drive an influx of purchases at a scalable and sustainable cost per acquisition.

Key Metrics
  • +145%Revenue Growth
  • +88%Transaction Volume
  • +51%Google Shopping Impression Share
  • +120% Increase in new customers YoY
  • +24%Average Order Value

The Method

The Claxon team drove consistent and impressive growth in revenue since commencing Facebook advertising for Scarletto’s. May 2019 resulted in the biggest revenue ever recorded by the brand! Key to this success was hyping the launch of new styles in order to drive purchase events and to create opportunities to scale ad spend. The Claxon creative team delivered cutting edge content to create Facebook ads that captured attention and showcased shoes in engaging formats that stopped scrollers in their tracks.

In June 2019, Claxon launched targeted customer acquisition campaigns that raised awareness brand awareness for Scarletto’s. This activated a cold audience, leveraging the influence of social proof and ‘Likes’ the ads created to engage and connect with new customers.

Using this strategy, Scarletto’s saw a 120% increase in the number of customers acquired from July 2019 to August 2019. As of September 2019 there has also been over a 68% decrease in the cost per acquisition of new customers.

Claxon’s launch strategy, CRO recommendations and effective use of offers also increased the Average Order Value (AOV) of Scarletto’s by 24% since commencing advertising for the brand.