From 3 to 100 Locations | Zambrero CEO | Stuart Cook with Brett Campbell

Stuart Cook is the former CEO of Zambrero, serving from 2009-2015. He helped establish the brand as one of the biggest household names in Mexican cuisine. A highly accomplished leader in business, he shares his story with ClaxonCast host, Brett Campbell.


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About Stuart Cook

Stuart is the former CEO of Zambrero – an International Mexican Quick Service Restaurant Chain which he exited in 2015.

Since coming on board as the CEO in 2009, Zambrero has increased it’s revenue from $1.1 million to over $75 million in sales and over 4 countries.

Stuart and his wife, Samantha Cran, are active through their investment & advisory group – T.W.I.Y.O – The World Is Your Oyster, in a number of start-ups and businesses. Stuart is also a board member and shareholder of The Entourage – Australia’s largest educator for entrepreneurs.

About The Show

In this episode, Stuart and Brett discuss:

  • How Stuart became the CEO of Zambrero at just 24 years old and grew it from 3 to 100 locations over 4 countries
  • Why Paul McCartney’s former personal chef is involved with Stuart’s latest business venture and how he’s looking to disrupt the food industry
  • The key elements that Stuart looks for when investing into new businesses
  • How businesses can emerge successfully in a world after COVID-19

And so much more… Listen now!


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