He Sold His Company For $150M at only 29 Years Old | Brandon Dawson with Brett Campbell

Brandon Dawson is a serial entrepreneur and master of scale. His people first strategies have allowed him to optimise, grow and exit businesses with valuations in the hundreds of millions.


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About Brandon Dawson

A respected and sought-after lecturer and CEO advisor on entrepreneurship, leadership and business-building strategies, Brandon Dawson specialises in creating value for businesses operating in industries with poor single- or multi-unit economies of scale, industry consolidation or increasing large-scale competition.

Brandon believes that people move businesses, and therefore is dedicated to helping his clients, colleagues and employees achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

As the founder of Audigy Group, Brandon grew the company from $500,000 in revenue in 2005 to approximately $35 million in 2016, when he sold it for $151 million. That’s 77 times EBITDA on the basis of its model for fast, scalable business growth, which incorporates unique business operations methodologies, technology platforms and leadership and performance development programs.

About The Show

In this episode Brandon and Brett discuss:

  • His very first business deal at 18 years old
  • What Brandon sees as the biggest roadblocks to scaling and how to move past them (13:51)
  • Why most business owners are thinking too small and how to start thinking bigger (18:20)
  • The 4 ‘preneurs’ (21:55)
  • How to encourage your team to become intrapreneurs to champion growth in your business (30:00)
  • The importance of developing your employees as humans (41:00)
  • Brandon tells the story of his first public company and how he got his first $1 million of investment (45:00)
  • Brandon’s partnership with Grant Cardone and Cardone Ventures (55:00)
  • Should you have your name on your business? (1:06:00)

More On Brandon Dawson

Instagram: @brandonmdawson
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonmdawson
Website: https://bdawson.com/


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