How NOT To Start An Ecommerce Business | TDGP 008

On this week’s episode of The Digital Growth Podcast we talk all about the do’s and don’ts of starting an eCommerce business.


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About The Episode 

In this episode, Ben, Damian and Brett discuss:

  • The biggest mistakes that many ecommerce business owners don’t know they’re making
  • Why you have to take ownership of the traffic to your ecommerce store (and why ignoring it is the equivalent of owning a 7-Eleven shop in the middle of nowhere)
  • The role that your website plays in the success of your ecommerce store (why it’s SO IMPORTANT to your bottom line that you pick a platform and design with intention
  • Why you need to consider the form, function and feature of your product when entering into an established market 

And so much more… Listen now


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