Maximising Ecommerce Sale Days: Black Friday, Cyber Monday & More | TDGP 011

On this week’s episode of The Digital Growth Podcast we talk about how ecommerce businesses can maximise the results of seasonal sales. Black Friday’s coming up… get on it! 

Brett teams up with Digital Strategist Ben and Senior Digital Strategist Callum, who share some impactful insights on the psychology of sales and how businesses can leverage them to their advantage.


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About The Episode 

In this episode, Brett, Callum & Ben discuss:

  • Key dates for sales and how far ahead you should start planning
  • How to come up with a great offer (and the psychology of reciprocity)
  • How to increase your average order value (and why the second sell is easier than the first)
  • Why brands are starting their sales earlier and earlier (and how it can eventually backfire)
  • Why you must reward your subscribers

And so much more… Listen now!


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