The World’s Largest Education Seminar Company | Success Resources | Michael Lane with Brett Campbell

He’s the man behind the curtain who brings the world’s most famous speakers to the stage including Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Gary Vaynerchuck and more.


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About Michael Lane

Michael is a successful entrepreneur having started and run 9 businesses (one business successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange). With over $1 billion in sales through his businesses, Michael is considered an eExpert in the touring space having run more than 1200 events in the last 15 years. Michael is passionate about the entrepreneur scene and is one of only a few who specialise in educating entrepreneurs.

As well as other companies in live entertainment, touring such artists as: Nelly, B.O.B, Lupe Fiasco, Ashanti, Tyga, Ja Rule, Eve, Chingy, Bow Wow, Clinton Sparks, Omarion, Sean Kingston and many others.

Michael’s primary business, Success Resources, is the world’s largest education seminar company. This year, SR will be running 500+ entrepreneurial events in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Europe and the UK with an annual turnover of $120m+. With over 250 staff in 10 offices, SR will empower 350,000+ entrepreneurs this year and has served 10 million+ clients over its 20-year history.

Outside of the business arena, Michael is a loving husband, proud father and a keen golfer.

About The Episode

In this episode, Michael and Brett discuss:

  • How Success Resources is able to run 500+ live events every year (from 300 – 50,000 people events)
  • What Michael has learnt from the likes of Richard Branson and Tony Robbins
  • Success Resources biggest roadblocks they face when scaling the business (Including having suitcases of cash)
  • How to fill live events with thousands of people who are ready to purchase (the art of making money from live events)
  • Michael’s personal habits and routines that help keep his mind sharp (Every CEO needs to know this)
  • Michaels current concern around Entrepreneurship (How it’s becoming toxic)
  • How Success Resources scaled from 1 to 37 countries

    And so much more…

More On Michael Lane

Instagram: itsmichaellane
LinkedIn: itsmichaellane


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