What It Takes To Create Winning Digital Advertising Campaigns

To build a house you require an architect, builder, electrician, plumber, carpenter and so on.

These are all specialty skills that require several years’ experience to master. You don’t want the toilet leaking or exposed wires hanging from the chandelier above your bed do you?

That’s why we get in the specialists. To do it right. To avoid any future complications.

When looking at paid advertising as an industry, there are five specific and unique skills that are critical to the success of any social media advertising campaign. 

No individual possesses the highest level of skill across all areas. It takes a multi-skilled team to REALLY WIN. Think The Avengers – the secret team who bring it all to life.

Let’s take a quick look at the skills/super powers required to deliver PREDICTABLE and RELIABLE outcomes for your brand.

1. The Technician

The technician is the analyst. They love data, numbers, patterns and digging deep into the analytics and tracking of an advertising account. 

They find what’s working and make it better. They find what’s not and get rid of it. Their role is very similar to that of day trading in the stock market. But in this case, they are trading in attention!

They look beneath the hood, fine tune, make tweaks and are always on the search for micro improvements. This is a very unique skill set that, as you will see, is vastly different to the next.

2. The Copywriter

This is the wordsmith. They love words. But even more than that, they love what their words can do. Crafting compelling messages that move the prospect along the sales journey is what they live for. Great copywriters are masters of psychology, persuasion and influence. 

Saying the RIGHT thing, at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT person will have your pipeline bursting at the seams.

3. The Creatives

Simply put, creative is a major variable of success. Poor creative equals poor results. The creative team consists of two specific skills. 

a) The Creative Designer

This is the person who can use the web tools and software to create images, videos or any multimedia assets required to present your advertisement in a visually appealing way, which is an artform in itself.

b) Creative Thinker

The second and most important creative skill is the Creative Thinker. This person is the digital equivalent of architect to the home builder of the year. The caddy to Tiger Woods. The Creative Designer makes the Creative Thinker’s ideas come to life. They are the magician behind the scenes.

In many cases, creative thinkers have NO IDEA how to design or use the tools. They simply see the images, visuals, colours and concepts needed to produce the desired outcome.

Their role is similar to that of the Copywriter but copywriters move their audiences via language and creative teams move their audiences visually. 
Combining the Copywriting and Creative Design elements is like adding the special sauce to a Big Mac. It just works.

4. The Strategist

The strategist is one of the MOST INTEGRAL pieces of any successful marketing and business growth system. The strategist looks at the entire landscape and plots the path of success based off the experiences, knowledge, patterns and best practices they have learnt, developed and decoded within that specific industry.

Whilst creative is a major variable of success, strategy is the underpinning and most crucial variable of them all. A poor strategy, even executed well, will always deliver sub-par performance.

A unique, bespoke and tailored approach predicated off a well thought-out strategy will always provide the best chance of winning.

Strategic thinkers are the problem solvers. They do not allow themselves to be trapped by their own cognitive bias. They have the ability to pivot and re-strategise when needed at the drop of a hat.

5. The Business Builder

This crucial element is the missing link in many digital growth agencies. The Business Builder has the overarching ability to look beyond campaigns and initial success markers to see into the near and distant future of your business. 

The business builder has a deep understanding of business and has actual experience in building and scaling businesses in an overall context. They understand the key metrics of growth and are fixated on putting the right pieces of the puzzle together.

Specialists vs GPs

As you can see, creating the most successful advertising campaigns that WIN for your brand requires a dedicated team of HIGHLY SKILLED EXPERTS. Your very own team of Avengers.

You DO NOT WANT to leave the success of your brand in the hands of the General Practitioner, the jack of all trades, yet master of none. It’s the equivalent of getting your friend Mike, who was good at maths at high school, to do your yearly taxes. Even though Mike is now a vet and hasn’t done his own taxes in three years.

The brain surgeon is not writing subscriptions for the common cold and Tom Brady isn’t making any tackles.

Food For Thought

Ask your preferred digital growth partner to share the dynamic of their team. What skills and experience do they possess in these five areas? Is the technician wearing the designer, copywriter and strategist hat all at the same time?

In order to WIN, and win BIG, your team of Avengers must be an assembly of specialists in their chosen field.


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