Claxon Steps In To Help Take A Stand Against Domestic & Family Violence

Full-service independent agency Claxon has announced a pro-bono partnership with Mary’s House Services, a community-funded refuge and case management service on Sydney’s North Shore for women and children impacted by domestic and family violence.

Claxon is appointed Marketing Partner for Mary’s House, commencing work immediately to help raise awareness of the services, aiming to increase donations, enabling Mary’s House to continue its work supporting victim-survivors of domestic and family violence.

Victoria Budge, Managing Partner, Sydney, Claxon said: “Giving back is part of Claxon’s philosophy and vision perfectly aligned with Mary’s House’s commitment to the community.

“Domestic and family violence against women and children is a growing issue in Australia; however, it’s also significantly underfunded, and there is a lack of options for women to get emergency accommodation and support. Claxon recognises this and wants to help by sharing our skills and expertise to help Mary’s House achieve its goals to help more women and children escape domestic and family violence situations.”

Domestic and family violence in Australia is reaching epidemic proportions, with the Federal Government recently announcing they have set targets to end violence against women and children and State and Territory Ministers collectively backing a national 10-year plan for ending violence against women and children.

Yvette Vignando, CEO of Mary’s House said: “It is a horrific fact and a frightening statistic that 57 women were killed by domestic and family violence in Australia last year – that’s more than one woman killed every week by a current or former partner.

“And with more women seeking our support every week, we could not have been more grateful when Claxon approached us offering their expertise to help increase awareness of the vital services Mary’s House provides and raise enough funds to continue to help families in need.

“Via our partnership with Claxon, we know Mary’s House will become more widely known, and those women and children desperately seeking support and refuge from domestic and family violence situations will know where to come for help.”

Budge continued: “Our team can’t wait to get started on the marketing program. We have already committed to participate in the next major fundraising activity and will be encouraging our colleagues, friends and family to join us on the Mary’s House Services Walk on Sunday 29th October.”

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