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  • 98xROAS
The Big Idea

Launch strong social competitions to connect people to the Augustine brand before moving them through Messenger sequences to drive sales.

The Strategy

Build pre-orders for monthly drops off the back of increased brand connection to ensure lightening fast product sellouts.


  • 64%Revenue growth
  • 31xROAS for new product launches
  • 114%Growth in Messenger database
  • 15%Increase in ROAS at scale
The Big Idea

Develop and implement a sophisticated digital growth strategy to acquire new customers and reactivate existing members of the #aimntribe in both Australia and New Zealand.

The Strategy

Create hype for a series of exciting new product launches, as well as cutting through with showstopper content that speaks to and converts customers through the Aim’n e-Commerce stores in the crowded activewear market

Modern Group

  • 1,970%Increase in lead flow
  • 38%Decrease in lead cost
The Big Idea

Create sophisticated funnel architecture to deliver an exceptional user experience, ultimately increasing the speed and ease of enquiry completion

The Strategy

Deliver a strong customer experience across the Facebook & Google eco-systems by way of a lead nurturing brand-education sequence, ending in significantly increased warm lead flow.

Accor Plus

  • 73%Reduction in CPA
  • 771%Increase in online conversions
  • 360%Budget scaling
The Big Idea

A sophisticated online signup and lead generation funnel to effectively drive prospects through the buying journey.

The Strategy

A strategic value sequence delivered in Facebook Messenger to leads and prospects as they are engaged by the Accor Plus sales team. This created a highly tailored user journey and allowed potential customers a unique branded experience in discovering the many benefits of the membership product.


  • 84%Reduction in CPA
The Big Idea

Leverage POL (Purpose of Loan) intelligence to understand buyer behaviour and loan type overlayed with seasonality to increase online loan applications.


The Strategy

The utilisation of inline conversions through the Facebook pixel allowed for the creation of a hyper-tailored user journey, where users were retargeted based on their preferred ‘Purpose of Loan’.

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“After just 5 weeks with Claxonwe have had to request our adsbe shut down until we can recruit another sales consultant.”
Lance Clews / Owner of Seniors Plus Australia
View the case study
“After just 5 weeks with Claxonwe have had to request our adsbe shut down until we can recruit another sales consultant.”
Lance Clews / Owner of Seniors Plus Australia
View the case study

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